Feed that panda.

Panda keeps growing.

google panda

Google’s Panda algorithm continues to evolve five years later, measuring the relevance of your website. It rewards (or punishes) you for your perceived value to searchers. Ignore these changes at your peril, since appearing in search engine results before your competitors is still golden.

So what’s new?

The biggest changes still involve content. Unique original content is king. More than ever, scraping content from other places will have little or no value, while original thinking will be elevated. You can’t copy and paste your way to the top.

There are other quantitative measures that continue to be promoted, such as stickiness, diversity of traffic, or how often your pages are shared, but those are byproducts of having fresh, authentic content. Be of value to readers, and you’ll feed the panda.

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  1. It’s about time Google grew up. If this works like it ought to then it must be a step in the right direction. Content has been compromised to suit the robot for too long. Now let’s have the robot start to think like a real person. After all, websites are for people not machines.

  2. I agree totally. Search results are flooded with directory sites that mechanically seem like they are about the search terms, but are merely a delay in getting to the substance. If Google does it right, original content will trump these mere aggregators, and we’ll all get to what we want sooner.

  3. Aargh! I got killed on the last logorithm and my hits have dropped off, and the only thing I can see is because of the geographical relevance. I’m in Canada and most people hitting my tags used to come from the States, now I’m not getting US hits anymore unless they’re direct.

    Why should I even care who sees my website anymore. I’m not American, I’m not going to get the hits I want anyway. :(

    Sign me sick and tired of playing the “guess what you need to do now to qualify your SEO” game.

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